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Marcus Kane is the first of twelve. Dragon-born in the sign of Taurus he carries all the traits of the bull–the good and the bad.
He’s strong-willed, unbreakable. Deadly on land and in the sky, but when Marcus falls in love, he falls hard.
He wasn’t meant to fall for the wolf, Abrial. His only job was to protect those he loves–his family.
Abrial is Alpha-born. The daughter of the Bloodstone’s pack Alpha, she will stop at nothing to defend what’s hers–every wolf–and every inch of her new found territory–and she’ll break all the rules to do it.
But when a rival pack moves in ready to spill blood, Abrial comes up against an enemy deadlier than she understands. So she turns to a stranger for help–a man who drove into a tree to save her. A man who smells like danger, but looks at her with fire in his eyes. Marcus Kane.

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Book Two

Book Three

Book Four (A Roaring Fire - Christmas Novella) & Five Aries

Book Five

Book Six

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Lucas is the sixth of twelve Guardians. Dragon-born in the sign of Sagittarius, he carries all the traits of his sign—the good and the bad.

He’s honest, outspoken and can spot a lie from a mile away. So when the Vampire Prince pledges allegiance to the Guardians in the hopes of keeping his sister, the Princess, and his clan safe Lucas becomes uneasy.

Something isn’t quite right with the Vampire Princess, nor with the tale her brother has told, and as the Guardians plan their wrath on those who’ve harmed their kin, Lucas starts to uncover the chilling truth, and finds a vicious immortal who’d rival the Huntress herself.

Princess Eva Nicholi of the Shadistin Clan is a survivor, and she’s lived with the secret of her father’s fight to save her from the Huntress for the last five hundred years. She’ll stop at nothing to keep her past buried along with the bodies she’s left in her wake, and as Lucas nears the truth she knows only one way to protect those she loves—seduce and destroy.

Lucas may escape with his life.

But his heart is another matter all together.

The Zodiac Dragons are now in Audio!

Narrated by Emily Bauer


Dark, Sexy. Powerful. This Zodiac Dragon Series will scorch the ears.

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