Marvel’s X-Men meets Sense8 in this explosive sci-fi reverse harem romance.

Coming soon October 1st 2018

The Series Starts October 1 with Sixth!

He’s loved her forever—this woman with the purple hair who lingers inside his head. It’s his destiny to save her…it’s his destiny to protect her…it’s his destiny to fight for her. 

He knows this because he’s seen it all, in the silver glint of his eye. 

His platoon calls him Sixth, the man with a sixth sense. 

But the truth is far deadlier, and could get him killed. 

It could get them all killed. 

He needs to find her now, as well as Shadow and Tex, two more that share a connection with her that’s stronger than love. 

Only Sixth can’t hear her anymore—not after her screams…

But he’ll use every ability he has to find her…and pray they’re not too late. 


Hell is a Harem

Dark Urban Fantasy/Reverse Harem

Out Now!

Out Now!

Out September 18th!

Kim Faulks

© 2016 Haunting Fiction Pty Ltd.

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