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Marcus Kane is the first of twelve. Dragon-born in the sign of Taurus he carries all the traits of the bull–the good and the bad.
He’s strong-willed, unbreakable. Deadly on land and in the sky, but when Marcus falls in love, he falls hard.
He wasn’t meant to fall for the wolf, Abrial. His only job was to protect those he loves–his family.
Abrial is Alpha-born. The daughter of the Bloodstone’s pack Alpha, she will stop at nothing to defend what’s hers–every wolf–and every inch of her new found territory–and she’ll break all the rules to do it.
But when a rival pack moves in ready to spill blood, Abrial comes up against an enemy deadlier than she understands. So she turns to a stranger for help–a man who drove into a tree to save her. A man who smells like danger, but looks at her with fire in his eyes. Marcus Kane.

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Book Two


Victor Kane followed his brother into battle against the Echo pack, but it wasn’t his brother who brought him back. It was the one they called the lone wolf, the seer, the strange one—Odessa.

Victor’s the second of twelve Guardians.

Dragon-born in the sign of Aquarius, he carries all the traits of his sign—the good and the bad.

He’s the guarded one, the one with a cool head, the one his family turns to when all hell breaks loose—and his family needs him more than ever. His brother is missing. His family is torn. But his world is consumed by the wolf, Odessa. Why would she risk her life to save him? Why would she care?

Odessa is damaged from a demon’s blade meant for Victor.

Although he’s safe, her demons still consume her. The evil she’s done has come back to haunt her, and Odessa will not only have to fight to survive, she must also protect the one she loves.

Her dragon—Victor.

Book Three


Humans are running scared—it’s not just the wolves they fear now—it’s the winged monsters who’ve lived amongst them. Those humans in power do the only thing they know—perceive the threat, and then move to eliminate them.

Evander’s the third of twelve. 

Dragon-born in the sign of Cancer he carries all the traits of his sign—the good and the bad.

He’s the compassionate one, he’s the one who puts others before himself, the one his family has turned to when the humans invade their home and expose who they really are. But that isn’t all they have to fear.

They’ve been given an ultimatum: their brother, Zadoc, for the seer, Odessa. And time for their brother is running out.

Only one woman can help them now. A human on a mission of her own. A woman who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the most terrifying of their kind and smirk in their faces.

Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Regan Rivers.

Book 5 (A Roaring Fire - Christmas Novella) & 6 Aries

She was a siren amongst an ocean of terror. One fragile woman, fighting to survive…fighting to be heard.

And Zadoc Kane heard her with every fiber of his being.

Zadoc’s the fourth of twelve Guardians.

Dragon-born in the sign of Aries, he carries all the traits of his sign—the good and the bad.
He’s the protector, the hard-headed stubborn ram. He’s brave and noble with a vicious temper, and he has littered his family’s mountain with the bodies of those who’ve harmed the weak.
And as the rival Echo pack descends on his home to kill his family, he plans on adding to the count.

Until a voice stops him in his tracks…a human woman amongst a sea of wolves.

Zadoc has a choice, fight alongside his kin…or sacrifice everything to protect her.

But the choice was never his to make.

His Dragon, the Wretched, will make it for him.

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