Book III – Cancer

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Humans are running scared—it’s not just the wolves they fear now—it’s the winged monsters who’ve lived amongst them. Those humans in power do the only thing they know—perceive the threat, and then move to eliminate them

Evander’s the third of twelve.

Dragon-born in the sign of Cancer he carries all the traits of his sign—the good and the bad.

He’s the compassionate one, he’s the one who puts others before himself, the one his family has turned to when the humans invade their home and expose who they really are. But that isn’t all they have to fear.

They’ve been given an ultimatum: their brother, Zadoc, for the seer, Odessa. And time for their brother is running out.

Only one woman can help them now. A human on a mission of her own. A woman who can stand shoulder to shoulder with the most terrifying of their kind and smirk in their faces.

Former Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Regan Rivers.




Something under his skin shifted. The bathroom lights caught every jerk and jar. His fingers, grazed my hand. Hard edges poked through. His skin turned slick and hard. His body grew under my touch. The bathroom light dimmed like a setting sun. His orange gaze burned bright as he swallowed the room.

That raw, rasping sound came once more. “Run, Gunny…leave now.”

My heart thundered, the deafening sound excited the panic inside. “I’m not going anywhere. Show me, Evander. Show me your scars.”

With a roar, he shifted. Obsidian armor like scales covered his skin, as the man I knew was consumed by a beast. He grew bigger, wider. A tearing sound filled the room. Wind buffeted my face, coming from nowhere as mammoth wings scraped the walls. His head bowed as he hit the ceiling, shoulders hunched, curling over as he inhaled. That rush of air filled the room—bottles of antiseptic clinked and clattered, falling to the floor. My insides clenched with fear.

But underneath the terror I knew him…knew the flame in those orange eyes. Underneath the shell and edges, he still looked like Evander. I held out my arms and tried to still the tremble. “I want you too. I’m not afraid…I’m not frightened of you.”

Something heavy scraped the floor as he moved. The whoosh was followed by a heavy thud that vibrated through the bed. “Jesus, you’re big aren’t you?”

His head snapped up and hit the ceiling with a bang. Plaster cracked. Pieces hit the floor and scattered. I licked my lips and remembered to breathe. “There goes the damn deposit.”

The Harbinger huffed, scattering my hair. He was still Evander, a mingle of man and dragon. I dragged my arms underneath me, pushing my head off the pillow, and then leaned to one side.

“Come here.” I reached for him.

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